False JUUL Lab Claims Lead To Vaping Injuries And Death

E-cigarettes were marketed as a safe alternative to traditional tobacco products. The Food and Drug Administration says those claims are false. It reported that JUUL Labs, one of the leading e-cigarette manufacturers, illegally marketed its products.

JUUL claimed its products were less harmful than regular cigarettes. The products have caused hospitalizations and deaths. The personal injury attorneys at Hearn Law Firm, PLLC can help you if you suffered a JUUL, e-cigarette or vaping-related injury or if someone died.

JUUL’s False Claims And Misleading Activities

The FDA reported that JUUL’s marketing materials said its products were “99 percent safer than cigarettes.”  Another claim; the product is a “safer alternative” to cigarettes.

JUUL Labs also told students at addiction programs that their product was safe.

Interesting Facts About JUUL Devices

  • Battery-powered devices that heat nicotine containing fluid.
  • Consumers inhale aerosol
  • High levels of nicotine (a single JUUL pod can have as much nicotine as 20 cigarettes).
  • Use is high for students and younger people.
  • Many younger users do not know they contain nicotine.
  • It is the top selling e-cigarette product in the U.S.

Are JUUL, E-Cigarette And Vaping Products Safe?

No. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are several health problems related to the products.

The CDC reported several e-cigarette problems, including:

  • They contain nicotine, which is highly addictive.
  • There are other harmful substances in them.
  • Data suggests young people who vape are more likely to use tobacco products.
  • Most e-cigarettes sold in the U.S. contain nicotine.
  • Some products do not mention nicotine on their label (others claim they do not contain any nicotine).
  • Scientists are still examining the long-term health effects.
  • Chemicals in e-cigarette could cause long-term lung damage.
  • Defective batteries have caused fires and explosions.
  • People have been poisoned after absorbing, swallowing and breathing the chemicals.
  • JUUL products do not have a filter – the amount of nicotine you inhale is at its highest.

E-Cigarettes Have Long-Term Health Effects

E-cigarette health problems include:

  • Heart attack/myocardial infractions
  • Pneumonia-related problems.
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Advanced asthma.
  • Wrongful death.

Assistance For Your E-Cigarette And JUUL Product Injuries

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