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Qualified, Experienced Trial Lawyer For Spinal Cord Injury Claims

A spinal cord injury after a car or truck accident, a fall or another serious injury scenario is like a ticket you never expected to buy for a journey you never imagined you would take. Once you have begun that journey, however, you will need every valuable piece of guidance and every strategic resource available to you. Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Jackson MS can be on your side to offer legal assistance.
Spinal cord injuries vary in severity depending on where the spine was severed or badly damaged. Your injury may result in:
  • Paralysis
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia

You may go through emergency surgery and hospitalization followed by ongoing medical care, therapy and rehabilitation as you transition to a new way of life. If you are left with a long-lasting disability, you may require durable medical equipment, a modified van for transportation, a move or home remodeling to provide you with accessible housing, and personal care attendant services for weeks, months or years. Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Jackson MS can help you in this case.

Friends and family may help tremendously, but you will also need financial compensation to pay bills and adapt to your life after a spinal cord injury. Legal action may be necessary to bring you many essential resources. Hearn Law Firm, PLLC, can be your fierce ally along the road to recovery, as can medical providers, therapists and others who may help, such as social workers.

How Our Law Firm Can Help Now And In The Long Term

Your collaboration with our firm may begin with a free initial consultation. Once you decide to work with us, we can begin a detailed investigation to prepare to file a strong claim or lawsuit on your behalf. Our work will include:

  • Review of your medical records and prognosis
  • Documentation of recommendations from your therapists and a life care planner
  • Accident reconstruction to prove liability by another motorist, a manufacturer and/or other negligent parties
  • Development of legal arguments in support of maximum compensation
  • Preparation for trial

Your personal injury case may be resolved through negotiations, mediation or litigation leading to presentations in a courtroom before a judge and jury. Attorney Philip C. Hearn’s 25 years of trial experience can be a great asset on your side. Apart from spinal cord injury claims, our car accident lawyer Jackson MS, trucking accident lawyer Jackson MS and premises liability lawyer Jackson MS you can rely on our firm to guide you on through this difficult time and pursue the justice you deserve.

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