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Skilled Advocacy After A Traumatic Brain Injury

A head injury is life-changing for both the sufferer and family members who may feel the impact just as strongly as the injured person. Life after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may include hospitalization, extended time off work, bed rest, tedious rehabilitation and significant lifestyle restrictions. Personal care assistance and, in severe cases, residence in a care facility may also be necessary.

Brain Injury Attorney Jackson MS, Philip C. Hearn, the founding attorney at Hearn Law Firm, PLLC, brings 25 years of trial experience to bear on every new personal injury case. He works hard to coordinate the aspects of brain injury claims and lawsuits, including documenting the injuries, reconstructing the accident and developing compelling arguments to support maximum compensation.

How An Experienced Trial Lawyer Can Help Maximize Your Recovery

A TBI is often a result of a motor vehicle accident, a fall injury or another accident involving blunt force. Medical errors and unusual events, such as assault facilitated by inadequate security, may also lead to a brain injury. Loss of oxygen during faulty intubation or anesthesia in an emergency room may cause anoxic or hypoxic brain injury. An attack in a parking garage can result in a concussion and associated brain damage. Brain Injury Lawyer Jackson MS can be by your side helping you to claim legal rights.

Whatever the circumstances behind a TBI, the injured person’s long-term well-being will depend on access to necessary resources. When someone else’s negligence triggered the accident, taking legal action promptly can bring the necessary compensation within reach. Quality legal representation may be as critical as top-notch medical care for recovery in the long run.

Request A Free Consultation After A Head Injury

Gathering evidence for an injury claim or lawsuit should ideally start as soon after an accident as possible. Mr. Hearn is available to meet with you remotely or at your location in the Jackson or Blue Mountain, Mississippi, area. Wherever you are in the state, please do not hesitate to take advantage of the offer of a free consultation. A promising recovery may depend on your response to the difficult experience of a loved one’s traumatic brain injury or your own. Apart from brain injury claims, our motorcycle accident lawyer Jackson MS, spinal cord injury attorney Jackson MS, drug crime criminal attorney Jackson MS and semi accident lawyer Jackson MS you can rely on our firm to guide you on through this difficult time and pursue the justice you deserve.

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