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Skilled Advocacy For Trucking Accident Victims

When trucks and cars collide, it is rare for passengers in the smaller vehicle to emerge unscathed after an accident. The force that trucks exert when they hit another object is immense, resulting in severe autobody damage and catastrophic injuries.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious trucking accident, do not expect the at-fault driver or the driver’s company to pay your bills without a legal battle. Negligent truck drivers and their companies will challenge you every step of the way, which is why it is critical to work with an experienced truck accident attorney Jackson MS.

At Hearn Law, our team will not back down from a legal challenge in or out of court. Led by founding attorney, Philip C. Hearn, we use the law to hold reckless drivers, trucking companies and their insurers responsible for providing out fair and full compensation. Connect with us online today about your 18-wheeler wreck or other serious collision.

Moving Swiftly To Protect Your Claim

Trucking companies and insurers know how expensive it is to recover from a catastrophic trucking accident, so they act promptly to undermine your claim. When you hire the most renowned trucking accident attorney Jackson MS Hearn, he will move swiftly to protect the evidence, using driver’s logs, maintenance records and other relevant information to support your claim.

Having assisted thousands of accident victims in Jackson and throughout Mississippi, Mr. Hearn is able to build a strong case for individuals hurt in preventable motor vehicle accidents caused by:

  • Fatigued, distracted or reckless truck drivers
  • Poorly trained truck drivers
  • Intoxicated truck drivers
  • Poorly maintained or defective trucking equipment
  • Improperly secured freight
  • Other negligent acts

Taking the necessary steps to secure compensation is difficult when you are in the midst of recovery. Because we want you to focus on rehabilitation, we will handle all aspects of your personal injury claim from start to finish. If you are unable to meet with us at our Jackson or Blue Mountain office, Mr. Hearn can visit you at your home or hospital.

You can depend on us to give you the attention that you need at this difficult time. Please contact us today to speak to a skilled truck accident lawyer Jackson MS who will explore all options to get the results you deserve. Apart from trucking accident claims, our motorcycle accident attorney Jackson MS, and premises liability attorney Jackson MS you can rely on our firm to guide you on through this difficult time and pursue the justice you deserve.

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