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Representing Individuals Harmed On Dangerous Property

You may know that property owners are required to keep their premises free of slip-and-fall hazards or take steps to address these hazards. A property owner’s responsibility does not end with drying wet surfaces or fixing loose carpeting, however. Commercial and residential property owners are also responsible for taking steps to prevent criminal activities from occurring on their premises.

If you or a loved one has been hurt s as a result of an assault, rape, robbery or other criminal act, you may be entitled to receive damages for your injuries. At Hearn Law, our premises liability attorney Jackson MS is qualified to file premises liability claims against property owners who do not maintain a safe environment for visitors. Lawyer Philip C. Hearn has the legal skills necessary to handle complex negligent or inadequate security claims and win.

What Do Negligent Security Claims Cover?

In Mississippi, victims of criminal acts can file civil claims against property owners who do not address known security risks by:

  • Providing sufficient lighting in hallways, parking lots and other areas
  • Fixing faulty locks on doors and maintaining security systems
  • Hiring an appropriate number of security guards and providing the necessary training
  • Posting warning signs in less-trafficked areas to alert visitors
  • Limiting the number of keys that may be duplicated in apartments or other residential communities

Whether you are leasing an apartment, spending time at a mall, meeting friends at a bar or another establishment, you depend on the property owner to take precautions to keep you safe. When negligent property owners fail to update their security systems to save money, they put your life at risk.

As a skilled premises liability lawyer Jackson MS, Philip C. Hearn knows how to present compelling arguments in court that get results. He has also secured favorable settlements for clients in negotiation with at-fault parties and their insurers. Drawing on almost three decades of personal injury experience, attorney Hearn is equipped to design an aggressive negotiation or litigation strategy.  Apart from premises liability claims, our motor vehicle accident lawyer Jackson MS, truck accident lawyer Jackson MS, brain injury lawyer Jackson MS, and drug crime criminal lawyer Jackson MS you can rely on our firm to guide you on through this difficult time and pursue the justice you deserve.

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