Paymaster Services Mississippi

A paymaster essentially acts an escrow in facilitating a transaction between individuals or corporations either locally or globally.  Our office can hold an asset in trust and transfer the asset to pre-designated individuals or entities upon completion of certain conditions agreed upon by the parties.  Our fee for the paymaster service is a percentage of the funds held in escrow.

Before we can engage in paymaster services, we must verify the following:

  • Source of the funds.  We must make sure the source of the funds are legal in nature.
  • Transaction documents.  We must get a copy of the transaction documents which necessitate the use of paymaster services, i.e.  sales contract, purchase agreement, etc.
  • Proof of identity.  We must have a copy of the identification cards and/or passports of the parties involved in the escrow agreement.

Please note that when acting as a paymaster, our services do not constitute legal service.  We will not give any legal advice as to United States law or the law of any other nation.

Also, please note that we are not responsible for withholding taxes on the transaction involving our paymaster services.  The parties will be responsible for paying relevant taxes on the transaction.

Our fees for paymaster services:

  • Initial non-refundable set-up fee:  $500.00 U.S.D.
  • Transactions over $50,000,000.00:  1%
  • Transactions from $25,000,000.00 to $50,000,000.00:  1.5%
  • Any transaction up to $25,000,000.00:  2%

Please contact us in order to discuss your transaction and our paymaster services.  Our office is available for consultations via Skype and Zoom.