Marijuana and the law in Mississippi: What you should know

It’s impossible not to notice the fact that, despite still being a Schedule I illegal drug under federal law, marijuana is being used just about everywhere these days. The majority of the states in this country have already made provisions for the use of medical marijuana. Some areas have decriminalized the possession of the drug in quantities that are clearly for personal use. A few states even allow recreational sales and use of the drug.

Not so in Mississippi, however. If you live, work or travel in the state, it pays to stay on top of the ever-evolving situation regarding marijuana legislation.

What’s happening with medical marijuana in the state?

In November of this year, Mississippi voters will get to decide whether victims of more than 20 different types of illnesses or disorders can use medical marijuana. Until such time as the drug gains approval, it’s still strictly illegal. It’s important to note that the Mississippi Department of Health is opposed to the idea of medical marijuana, and there are no plans to legalize it for recreational use.

While Mississippi did decriminalize possession of less than 30 grams of the drug, you need to understand that “decriminalized” doesn’t equate to “legalized.” If you (or your teens) are caught with even a small amount of the drug, you will still face a fine for your first offense. A second offense (or more) will likely still net you jail time. Selling the drug, even in small amounts, can get you up to three years in jail and a hefty fine.

If you or your college student are facing charges of marijuana possession in Mississippi, the consequences moving forward can still be serious. Find out how an experienced defender can help you obtain a favorable outcome to your case.