Mississippi drivers rated worst in the country according to study

Mississippi has been rated as the worst state for drivers, according to a recent study from Smart Asset. It’s the second year the Magnolia State topped the list, alongside a few of its southern neighbors including Alabama, Tennessee, Texas and Florida.

Why Mississippi was ranked so low

According to the data, more than 76% of the state’s drivers lack auto coverage, making it the second-lowest rate of insured drivers in the study. The state’s rankings were also determined by vehicle casualties, as Mississippi has 1.69 deaths per 100 million miles driven, making it the second-highest fatality rate in the study. And on top of that, the state has the eight highest search volume on Google Trends for driving tickets. Luckily, Mississippi only has 3.72 DUI incidents per 1000 drivers, which is a lower rate compared to other states.

How motorists can avoid getting in a crash

Mississippians may want to practice the following while on the road:

  • Remain focused: Drivers should avoid multitasking behind the wheel. That includes staying off electronic devices, avoiding eating or drinking and staying focused on what’s in front of them.
  • Be a “defensive” driver: Motorists should be aware of what other vehicles are doing around them, as some drivers may not always follow the rules. They should also leave enough space for vehicles in front and behind them.
  • Make a safe plan for long trips: Driving for prolonged periods can make people exhausted and less attentive to their surroundings. Motorists may want to plan what hours they’re driving during the day and establish times they will stop to eat or rest.
  • Secure any loose items inside or outside of the vehicle: If motorists have anything strapped to the top of their vehicle, they may want to make sure it’s tightly secured. They should also make sure they don’t have any items that fall on the floor they may need to pick up.

Caution on the road is essential

Vehicles can give people the freedom to go wherever they want, but when motorists and other drivers get in a crash, both parties can receive emotional and financial damages as a result. For Mississippi drivers involved in a wreck, an experienced personal injury attorney can help take their case to court and get them the compensation they deserve.