How do you know when you have a negligent security claim?

When an injury occurs on business premises, it is often due to the business’s negligence in maintaining a safe environment for its guests or patrons. The obligation to guarantee safety extends to the practice of employing security personnel and implementing other such security measures, especially for hotels, apartment complexes and similar businesses.

If you suffer an injury resulting from assault, mugging or other crimes on business property, then you might have a negligent security claim against the business itself. Learning more about when you might have a negligent security claim will help you take the next steps toward receiving the compensation you deserve.

Adequate security would have prevented your injury

It is not always the case that a business is responsible for injuries that occur on the premises. However, an injury that is avoidable through the presence of adequate security can be the direct fault of the business. Failing to employ an adequate amount of security personnel or failing to train security personnel properly can be examples of inadequate security practices for which a business is liable.

The business had the opportunity to provide adequate security

When a business has ample opportunity to prevent an injury but fails to do so, then it is guilty of negligence and is liable for the resulting injury. This applies to security in that a business should conform to safety standards set by other businesses within its industry. As another example, a business located in an area with a relatively high crime rate should have the foresight to implement additional security measures.

If a hotel or any other business neglects to prevent an injury you incur due to inadequate security or failure to take the opportunity to implement security, then you may have a strong negligent security claim against that business.