Inadequate security at apartment complexes and hotels

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Personal Injury

Hotels and apartment complexes have a couple of key points in common. One of these commonalities is that you are sharing a building with other guests or tenants who, unfortunately, might wish to do you harm.

Another similarity is that both apartment complexes and hotel buildings are under the possession of a business owner or landlord who holds the responsibility of keeping you safe from such malicious individuals. These establishments must provide adequate security in order to protect their tenants, and it is crucial for you to know your legal rights when there is inadequate security.

When an apartment complex provides inadequate security

As a tenant in an apartment building, a situation might arise in which one of your neighbors makes you feel unsafe or outright threatens you. Realty experts explain the essential components you should ensure are present in your rental agreement, including general terms of tenancy that outline specific safety concerns. Your landlord has the obligation to respond to your alert that there might be a dangerous individual on-premises and you can leverage the terms of your agreement to spur them to action.

When a hotel provides inadequate security

Hotels should follow industry-standard security guidelines and proactively implement additional measures depending on the area’s crime rate and other endangering factors. If a guest suffers an injury or becomes a victim of an assault at the hands of another person, the hotel is liable if they failed to prevent the crime due to inadequate security.

Inadequate security is a matter of premises liability for both hotels and apartment complexes. If you become the target of a crime that is preventable by the presence of security, you have the right to pursue legal action against the hotel owner or landlord who fails to protect you.