Did hair straightening chemicals cause your cancer?

Many women grow up straightening their hair multiple times a month with harsh chemicals because that is what their mother teaches them to do. For decades, demanding straight hair was a common practice in many professional environments.

Companies didn’t care about the unfair financial and time burden such dress codes imposed on their workers, so employees who wanted to earn competitive wages would have to invest substantially in hair straightening. Many women still straighten their hair today in search of a specific look, even though employment practices have started to change.

Unfortunately, the pursuit of beauty or professional appearance may have done lasting harm to countless women in the United States. Research has recently begun clarifying the unfortunately strong connection between hair straightening chemicals and several kinds of cancer. Do you believe the cancer you have connects to hair relaxer chemicals?

Women who straighten their hair have higher cancer risk

Researchers currently believe there is a relationship between uterine cancer and hair straightening or hair relaxing chemicals. The National Institute of Health reviewed data provided by more than 33,000 women between the ages of 35 and 74. There was a clear correlation between the frequent use of hair straightening products and uterine cancer.

The researchers estimated that those who straightened their hair more than four times in the previous year had more than double the risk of developing uterine cancer when compared with women who didn’t straighten their hair at all. They suggested that cosmetic practices may account for a recent increase in uterine cancer cases, particularly among African-American women.

Especially when you don’t have any other risk factors for the cancer you currently have, you may need to consider the possibility that chemical exposure may have contributed to your illness.

Large-scale claims are now underway

There are multiple reports of women pursuing lawsuits against companies that manufactured dangerous hair straightening chemicals. Those who can link their cancer to a dangerous hair relaxer product may be able to bring a claim in court and could potentially secure compensation to cover their medical expenses, replace lost wages and support their family members if the cancer proves terminal.

Connecting your serious losses with chemical exposure could help you pursue an appropriate hair relaxer product liability claim.