Who is to blame for a large truck crash?

After suffering a life-altering injury in a road collision with a large truck, you must understand that the finger of blame may point at a number of different players.

Maybe the driver was new and inexperienced or even texting behind the wheel. Perhaps the trucking carrier failed to provide the proper training to its drivers or maybe the municipality failed to address a known roadway hazard.

More than 5,000 died in 2019

The aftermath of a truck collision promises not to be a good one. Any vehicle driver who encounters these several ton behemoth vehicles in a crash may not live to tell about it.

An estimated 159,000 people sustained injuries and 5,005 died in 2019 in collisions involving large trucks, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Drivers, carriers and loaders

Those statistics prove just how devastating a large truck collision can be. This fact also makes you wonder who may be liable for the crash. This list may include:

  • Truck drivers: Whether it is recklessness, fatigue, speeding, distracted driving or impaired driving, these factors may lie squarely with the driver.
  • Trucking carriers: This firm is in charge of its fleet and its drivers, making sure the trucks are in solid operating order and drivers are vetted and trained. Any misstep may lead to a tragic collision.
  • The truck manufacturer and parts maker: Defective parts lead to defective vehicles when brakes fail, steering fails and tires blow. The manufacturer must ensure its fleet is operating and inspected, while the parts maker must introduce properly working components.
  • Truck maintenance companies: Whether trucking companies rely on in-house mechanics or contract to outside firms, they must work with a reliable partner.
  • Loading companies: A properly loaded trailer may prevent cargo from shifting due to unbalanced loads.
  • Federal, state and local governments: Roads must be in tip-top shape and have regular maintenance. If not, they may lead to hazardous conditions. Governments are responsible to maintain these roads.

Irresponsibility and neglect by any of these players may contribute to a crash that changes the lives of so many people.

Alert and vigilant

Negligence can be spread among any of these parties in a large truck accident. When sharing the road with these vehicles, remember to focus on defensive driving, remain alert and vigilant. But, sometimes, certain situations such as a reckless driver and poorly designed road may be out of your control.