New study examines impact of distracted truckers

We have heard time and time again how dangerous it is to drive distracted. The use of a cellphone behind the wheel can substantially increase the chances of being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, a new study examining the behavior of truck drivers found that many are still using these devices while driving, and that it is greatly increasing the potential of a trucking accident on roadways throughout the United States.

The study, by Omnitracs, examined in-cab videos from over 29 billion miles traveled by truckers. The data supported the theory that cellphone use was the most common reason for driver distraction. Perhaps more concerning, the “most distracted drivers” were 72 percent more likely to be involved in a trucking accident.

Additionally, those in this category also were more likely to speed 10 or more miles-per-hour over posted speed limits, run stop signs or stoplights in major intersections, as well as drift out of their lane of travel.

The findings again stress how dangerous it can be for motorists to share the road with 18-wheelers. The industry, while heavily regulated, has struggled with finding experienced operators capable of meeting the demanding schedules. Many drivers have left the field recently, and those who have taken over may not be fully aware of the things they must do to keep fellow motorists safe.

Trucking safety is an extremely important topic because when one of these vehicles is involved in a collision, it is likely that the other drivers involved will suffer serious, life-changing injuries. It is likely that this information will lead to crackdowns on distracted driving for truckers throughout the country.

When traveling on area roadways in Mississippi, be sure to give trucks extra space so that you have an opportunity to avoid an incident should you need to take quick action. By being prepared and driving defensively, you might be able to prevent being involved in one of these crashes.