When a driver hurts you without good insurance coverage

The inherent risk involved in driving or riding a vehicle is the reason insurance exists. All it takes is a momentary lapse in focus for someone to cause a crash that could cost more than they make in five years at their job. It’s also possible for those with no income whatsoever to cause a crash that produces substantial property damage or severe injuries to a person.

Insurance protects people from losing everything because of a car crash. A liability policy protects someone from claims made by those that they hurt. Coverage also protects victims from the financial consequences of a collision.

What happens when the driver who caused the crash has bad insurance that doesn’t cover your costs?

Insurance policies should meet the state minimum coverage requirements

To legally register a vehicle in Mississippi, a driver has to prove that they have liability insurance coverage. The state requires that every driver carry at least $25,000 worth of property damage coverage.

If someone causes a crash that hurts another individual, their bodily injury protection coverage will pay for medical costs and lost wages. However, Mississippi only requires $25,000 worth of medical liability protection for crashes involving one hurt person or $50,000 of coverage if two or more people get hurt. A single surgery could be more than enough to use up all of the available coverage.

Does your insurance help close the gap?

Drivers have the option of carrying more than the lowest amount of coverage possible. Many drivers choose to carry uninsured and underinsured driver protection in their policies. If you get hurt in a crash caused by a driver without enough insurance, your policy might cover some of your financial losses.

Even without insurance, you may have options

If the other driver does not have active insurance or simply doesn’t have enough coverage and you don’t have any uninsured or underinsured driver protection, you may still have options. If your losses exceed the coverage available, you can still seek compensation.

For example, you may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the driver. Looking closely at your insurance options and the cost of the crash can help you decide if further action is necessary in your case.