3 serious injuries associated with car wrecks

Car crashes can lead to serious consequences for the victims. The injuries that are possible range from bumps and bruises to catastrophic injuries that can be fatal. Anyone who’s been involved in a wreck should know about some of the more serious injuries because these are the ones that will likely require medical care. 

Here are three of the most common injuries associated with car wrecks:

Spinal cord injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord can lead to a lifetime of paralysis. It’s imperative that any individual who has pain in the neck or back, as well as those who lose the ability to move any part of the body, gets medical care right away. Some spinal cord injuries are temporary, but you must prevent unnecessary movements that might exacerbate the injury.

Head injuries

Head injuries are common in car wrecks. Many people think of these as being associated with a hit to the head. This isn’t always the case. The jarring motion the crash has on the body and the head being flung around can also lead to brain injuries. All of these can be serious, so anyone who has a headache or any other indication that they might have suffered a brain injury should seek immediate medical care. 

Broken bones

While broken bones might not seem like a huge deal, they may require considerable medical care to treat. Some breaks will need to be set in their proper position during a surgical procedure. They’ll also require a cast or other immobilization method. Rehab and physical therapy may even be needed once the bones have healed.

The cost of caring for these injuries is considerable. Individuals who suffered harm at the hands of a negligent driver may opt to seek compensation. This can help to cover the medical care costs, as well as other expenses related to the crash.