Road rage can kill: These statistics may surprise you

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you ever heard the term, “road rage?” Sometimes, people use it jokingly to refer to someone who gets frustrated behind the wheel, but road rage is no joking matter. True road rage can lead to a person speeding, performing dangerous maneuvers and even verbally or physically lashing out at others on the road.

Road rage leads to disturbing statistics that it’s important for all drivers to know and understand. For example, did you know that road rage is the leading cause of car crashes? Around eight out of 10 drivers have experienced road rage at one time or another.

When drivers become upset by the driving conditions, such as when they’re stuck in traffic, then that anger could come out in ways that put them and others at risk. Making risky moves on the road, screaming at other drivers or even using their vehicle to ram others could happen.

Who is most likely to show signs of road rage?

Statistics have shown that it’s teen males who are most likely to show signs of road rage, but they’re not the only ones. Men, in general, are more prone to road rage, but anyone can become aggressive on the roads.

What should you do if you see someone with road rage?

If you see someone who is acting out on the roads, try to let them pass you safely. If you get their license plate number, you can call the police or 911 to alert the authorities.

It’s important for victims of car crashes to know that they can seek compensation from a driver who is at fault. The other driver’s actions led to their injuries, so it’s fair for them to ask for a fair settlement.