If you face charges in college, defend yourself to protect your future

When you decided to go to college, you were excited. You had a full ride thanks to working hard in baseball. Today, you’re one of the top players on the team, and everything is going well for you.

Unfortunately, you went out with friends who drank and caused a crash. You had a drink as well, but you didn’t drive. Still, you are under 21, so the authorities were not happy. You could be facing charges.

What happens if you are convicted of a crime when you’re in college?

Every case is a little different, just like every scholarship’s rules or school’s requirements will vary. Your attorney can talk to you more about your specific case, but some of the potential penalties you could face are that:

  • You could lose the ability to get a professional license in the career you’ve chosen
  • You could be evicted from student housing
  • You could be disqualified from working certain jobs
  • You may lose federal aid or scholarships
  • You may be expelled or suspended from the college
  • You could lose your position on a college team or lose an athletic scholarship

As you can see, the penalties for a crime and conviction can be significant for college-aged individuals. If you violated a code of ethics at school or end up with a felony, you could see significant losses in scholarships or funding on top of any criminal or civil penalties.

Our website has more information on what you should do if you break the law while you’re in college. You deserve an opportunity to defend yourself and protect the future you’re trying to build for yourself.