Expect manufacturers to mount a defense in product liability claims

It is safe to assume that most manufacturers do not wish to release any products that are dangerous to consumers. A dangerous product that injures consumers hurts the company’s reputation, their clientele and their financial bottom line. 

Unfortunately, some dangers associated with products are not apparent right away. When it takes a long time for injury risks to emerge, manufacturers may not know a product is dangerous until victims have already suffered serious harm.

Since the manufacturer must provide reasonably safe products for consumer use, victims can file a product liability claim for the harm they incurred. This can help ameliorate many of hardships victims experience in the wake of a dangerous or defective product injury. For example, acquiring financial compensation can help with medical bills and other expenses associated with your suffering.

We want to caution you about how the defendants in a products liability claim may respond. They will likely attempt to invalidate your case. Examples of how they might defend themselves include:

  • You misused the product in some way
  • You altered the product and that is why it injured you
  • The product did not in any way cause your injury
  • The statute of limitations – two years from the date of injury in Mississippi – has expired, invalidating your right to file a claim

Our lawyers encourage you to reach out for legal guidance if you believe you have grounds to pursue a product liability claim. At the very least, an attorney consultation can help you determine if your grounds are valid and can offer you suggestions on the best way to move forward. Learn more about dangerous products by continuing to review the resources on our website.