Distracted trucking may cause serious injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truckers who are distracted can’t safely operate the rigs they are driving. It is imperative that they take the steps to ensure they are giving their full attention to their driving duties. When they don’t, there is a chance that innocent people will suffer greatly. 

Laws are in place to discourage truckers from becoming distracted. For example, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules forbid truckers from using cellphones while they’re operating the rig. Truckers can face being disqualified or put out of service for breaking the rule. They may also have to pay fines for using a phone while driving.

The reasons for these rules are clear. Truckers who are texting are 23 times more likely to be involved in an incident that’s safety-critical than truckers who aren’t doing so. If they’re using a hand-held phone but not texting, that reduces the risk to six times more likely than normal, but even that’s too dangerous. 

Using hands-free options is the only acceptable option for truckers who are trying to keep in contact with family members and friends. Even though the risk is still present, they are allowed to use their cellphone if it is the way they contact the dispatchers for their company. 

When people are struck by a big rig, they may end up with catastrophic injuries. The financial burden following a wreck can be tremendous, and that burden should be shouldered by the trucking company and other liable parties — not the victim. A personal injury lawsuit is one step that you can take to make this happen if you’re the one who is dealing with the effects of a trucking crash.