How to deal with at-fault uninsured drivers

Getting in a vehicle wreck can be a nightmare. That’s because everything can happen within a split second, making it difficult for those involved to recollect what caused the collision. In most cases, people have to exchange contact and insurance information shortly after the crash occurs. However, if someone doesn’t have insurance, this can create various complications.

Driving without vehicle insurance is against the law in most states, including here in Mississippi.

If a driver doesn’t have insurance, they often have to pay for the damages out of pocket. If they don’t, they could face litigation or even jail time.

How to deal with an uninsured at-fault driver

These are some steps people can take:

  • Get authorities on the scene: After making sure everyone is okay, those involved in the collision should call authorities immediately. Having a police record and wreck report on file can help get the not-at-fault person’s expenses covered, which can result in a smoother claims process.
  • Contact the insurer: What the insurance company can do depends on a few factors. For instance, the insurance company may look at the damage incurred and what coverage the person’s policy has. For those that don’t have uninsured motorist coverage, they may want to talk to their agent about the next steps are.
  • Seek medical treatment: Depending on the severity of the crash, one may need to seek some form of medical treatment. If the at-fault driver admits to not having insurance, the not-at-fault person’s medical insurance could cover the bills. Unfortunately, the victim may still have to pay their deductible out of pocket.
  • Take care of the vehicle: Whether the car is totaled or not, one’s vehicle may need to get assessed its damage severity. This can be challenging when uninsured drivers are involved, as they don’t have the proper coverage to replace the damages. This can leave the not-at-fault motorist with limited options to receive repairs or get a replacement vehicle. Depending on the circumstances, they may have to settle matters in court.

Car collisions can cause undue hardship

No matter the severity, a car crash with an uninsured at-fault driver can create a headache for those impacted by it. Those who were involved in a crashed with one may want to seek legal counsel. An experienced and diligent personal injury attorney can evaluate their client’s claims and get them the compensation they deserve.