Rules of the road most drivers ignore

Driving requires responsibility and a certain level of skill. But it’s easy to fall into habits, especially when you’re a seasoned driver. These habits can prove dangerous when they don’t comply with the rules of the road.

Here are four rules of the road that many drivers forget to adhere to.

1. Coming to complete stops

Sometimes, a stop sign can seem inconvenient and disruptive to your car journey. Every once in awhile, you might find yourself merely slowing down before continuing on your way. But failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign won’t give you enough time to check your surroundings. You might not see another car, pedestrian, motorcyclist or bicyclist.

2. Following the speed limit

It can be tempting to speed if you’re running late to a meeting or picking your kids up from school. Even when other cars around you are going faster than the speed limit, you might think it’s okay to do it yourself. But speeding is more dangerous than you might think, having caused nearly one-third of fatal car accidents for the past two decades. Posted speed limits exist to give drivers enough time and space to react to any changes in the road or to the traffic around them.

3. Turning into the closest lane

When you’re making a right or left turn, you should always turn into the closest lane to you. That gives other cars that are driving along the road the ability to continue driving at the same pace without having to slow down to accommodate your vehicle. While you might find it tedious to turn into the closest lane to you — especially if you need to be in the other lane — it can keep collisions at a minimum.

4. Checking your blind spots

Checking your blind spot can sometimes feel like an added chore. But you can’t always trust your rearview and side mirrors to show you everything that’s behind you. Some cars creep up to pass you at a slower pace, while others may linger in your blind spot before driving past.

Negligent driving can have devastating consequences. Staying alert and attentive while following the rules of the road can help keep roads safe for you and for other drivers.