Were you injured using transvaginal mesh?

When patients undergo surgery to install a pelvic mesh, errors often cause severe pain and embarrassing symptoms. These surgical meshes are extremely invasive and can irreparably damage your organs.

In the past, juries found that manufacturers failed to warn patients about the potentially serious side effects before undergoing surgery. These effects surrounded erosion events. In these events, the surgical mesh implant can cause the following:

  • Unexplained infections
  • Pain for either partner during sexual intercourse
  • Recurrent urinary problems and infections
  • Organ damage
  • Organ prolapses

However, the true extent of the damage is unique to the individual.

Several manufacturers made this surgical mesh, proving it was not limited to a bad batch or a single mistake on the factory floor. These manufacturers include Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon), C.R. Bard, Endo International PLC (American Medical Systems), Boston Scientific, Coloplast, Neomedic and Medtronic/Coviden.

Many companies have had to close their doors due to the size and frequency of these lawsuits. Larger lawsuits have bought other large companies to pay their victims and make reparations to consumers.

These recalled surgical devices include implanted pelvic mesh, slings, tape and other surgical methods. Their use is intended to treat organ prolapse, urinary incontinence issues and other issues–the very issues they can cause.

If one of these products has ruined your health, you are not alone. Dozens of other victims and their families have received multi million-dollar settlements by pursing the responsible parties. While every case is unique, if you suffered after a pelvic mesh surgery, you may want to explore your legal options.