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At Hearn Law Firm, we understand that facing the aftermath of medical malpractice can be an incredibly challenging and emotional experience. Our firm is dedicated to providing victims and their families with the compassionate legal representation they deserve. We are led by Philip C. Hearn, a University of Mississippi graduate and seasoned attorney with a deep commitment to serving the Oxford community.

Our team of Oxford medical malpractice attorneys can help guide you through the legal field of medical malpractice claims. Whether your case involves surgical errors, misdiagnoses, medication mistakes, or negligence in patient care, our team is equipped with the knowledge and resources to advocate for your rights. We strive to hold responsible parties accountable and aim to secure the compensation and closure you need to move forward. Trust Hearn Law Firm to be your advocate in seeking justice. Contact our Oxford personal injury lawyers today for your free consultation.

Why Hearn Law Firm Stands Out in Oxford Medical Malpractice Claims

Hearn Law Firm distinguishes itself in handling Oxford medical malpractice claims with our personalized care and relentless pursuit of justice. Here’s why Hearn Law Firm is a standout choice:

  • Legal Knowledge of Medical Malpractice Claims: Our team of medical malpractice attorneys in Oxford has over twenty-five (25) years of experience and a detailed understanding of Mississippi’s medical malpractice laws. We understand the nuances of medical standards of care when interpreting intricate medical records and evidence.
  • Comprehensive Case Evaluation: At Hearn Law Firm, we evaluate every case thoroughly and take a comprehensive approach so that every client receives honest and straightforward advice about their chances of success and the potential value of their claim.
  • Strong Network of Medical Experts: Successfully arguing a medical malpractice claim will require strong testimony from medical experts. Hearn Law Firm has established relationships with reputable medical professionals who can provide credible and compelling insights into the standard of care, breaches of this standard, and the causation of injuries.
  • Proven Track Record: Our firm’s success in securing favorable outcomes for victims of medical malpractice speaks for itself. We value ourselves in the millions that we have recovered for our clients.
  • No Recovery, No Fee: Hearn Law Firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning our clients do not pay legal fees unless we successfully recover compensation for you.

Why a Lawyer is Necessary in Oxford Medical Malpractice Claims

Dealing with a medical malpractice claim in Oxford without legal representation can be particularly challenging due to the complex nature of medical litigation and the defense tactics of healthcare providers and their insurers. Here’s why having a lawyer is a must for medical malpractice claims:

  • Expert Witnesses: A successful medical malpractice claim often hinges on testimony from medical experts. Our lawyers have the resources and networks to identify and enlist reputable medical experts who can provide testimony to support your claims, proving both the deviation from standard care and the direct link to the injuries you suffered.
  • Handling Insurance Companies: Healthcare providers and hospitals have robust insurance policies and experienced legal teams dedicated to minimizing payouts on claims. Our skilled team levels the playing field by negotiating with insurers effectively to fight for fair compensation to cover your damages such as medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  • Procedural Complexity: Medical malpractice claims involve stringent procedural requirements, including specific statutes of limitations, pre-suit notice requirements, and expert affidavits in Mississippi. Our team is familiar with these state procedural requirements and will make sure that every document in your claim is filed correctly and timely to avoid pitfalls that could jeopardize your case.

In cases where medical malpractice is lethal, that becomes a wrongful death claim instead. Contact an Oxford wrongful death attorney for a free consultation today.

Pre-Lawsuit Requirements in Oxford Medical Malpractice Claims

Before initiating an Oxford medical malpractice lawsuit, plaintiffs must adhere to specific pre-lawsuit requirements, as outlined in Mississippi Code § 15-1-36(15):

“No action based upon the health care provider’s professional negligence may be begun unless the defendant has been given at least sixty (60) days’ prior written notice of the intention to begin the action. No particular form of notice is required, but it shall notify the defendant of the legal basis of the claim and the type of loss sustained, including with specificity the nature of the injuries suffered. If the notice is served within sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of the applicable statute of limitations, the time for the commencement of the action shall be extended sixty (60) days from the service of the notice for said health care providers and others. This subsection shall not be applicable with respect to any defendant whose name is unknown to the plaintiff at the time of filing the complaint and who is identified therein by a fictitious name.”

This statute mandates that plaintiffs provide healthcare providers with a 60-day notice of their intent to sue prior to officially filing the lawsuit. This pre-lawsuit notice period is designed to encourage pre-litigation settlements between the parties involved. By requiring this notice, the law aims to potentially reduce the number of cases that proceed to court, encouraging resolution through negotiation and mediation. This requirement marks the importance of thorough preparation and strategic planning in medical malpractice claims and the need for prospective plaintiffs to consult with lawyers before initiating legal action.

Expert Testimony in Oxford Medical Malpractice Claims

In Oxford medical malpractice cases, expert testimony is crucial in determining the outcome of the claim. An expert witness will establish three critical elements:

  1. The applicable standard of care
  2. The defendant’s deviation from that standard
  3. The causal link between this deviation and the harm suffered by the patient

Given the complex and specialized nature of medical knowledge, these experts are typically healthcare professionals with qualifications and experience in the same field of medicine as the defendant. This ensures that the testimony provides the court with a clear understanding of the nuances involved in the care provided. The requirement for expert testimony shows the need for a well-substantiated argument in proving negligence and makes the selection of a qualified expert a crucial step in the legal process for plaintiffs in medical malpractice claims.

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