Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

When an accident happens because someone or a company was negligent, and another person becomes injured or dies in that accident, there are legal options to consider for obtaining justice. In some cases, monetary compensation may be awarded as the factor of justice. People who are injured needlessly often incur great financial hardship, changes in lifestyle and in some situations the accident ends their life prematurely.

Hearn Law Firm

At the Hearn Law Firm, we represent clients who have been injured or had loved ones die due to negligent behavior that resulted in injury accidents. We are aggressive in seeking justice for our clients. We serve people statewide who need exceptional legal support for their civil and criminal cases. Many accident cases do involve personal injury or wrongful death.

Attorney Philip C. Hearn

With experienced gained over 23 years of law practice, Attorney Philip C. Hearn is an excellent choice for clients who want to win personal injury claims. He was first licensed to practice law in Mississippi in 1992, and has helped hundreds of clients statewide find justice through litigation actions. A 1992 graduate in Law from University of Mississippi School of Law, Mr. Hearn has worked tirelessly on behalf of his clients to help them obtain fair compensation and justice after they have been injured due to negligent behavior by another person or company.

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims may result from accidents or abuse in many areas of life. People are injured needlessly in vehicle accidents, through employment discrimination, nursing home abuse and neglect, or when a company produces defective parts or equipment. The legal system offers injured parties recourse methods for obtaining justice and fair compensation for the harm they endured and expenses related to the accident.

Many claims are possible to present, but winning is best achieved when you have an experienced Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney by your side, fighting on your behalf. Insurance companies only want to settle claims cheaply or not at all. When you are injured due to negligent behavior, you need a strong defender of rights to represent you and win fairness, at settlement talks or in litigation.

  • Personal Injury – Payment for medical care, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, retraining, disability and other claims may be awarded.
  • Wrongful Death – Expenses for care, funeral and burial costs, and survivor claims can be presented when someone dies due to negligent behavior.
  • Survivor Claims – Survivors can pursue fair compensation for wrongful death of their loved one, lost income, inheritance, guidance, companionship and other claims.

Don’t let negligence win; get help from our experienced Personal Injury Attorney to make your claims. Contact the Hearn Law Firm, in Jackson, MS. Call us now, at 601-720-3541.

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