General Litigation

Attorney Philip C. Hearn is an experienced general litigation lawyer in a wide range of categories, including construction law, labor and employment cases, criminal law, professional termination and personal injury. He has appeared before many administrative bodies in the state, such as the Board of Tax Appeals, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Mississippi State Board of Nursing. Prior to opening his own law firm, he worked at Hearn & Thomas and Young, Williams, Henderson & Fuselier as a general litigation attorney at both the state and federal levels.

The General Litigation Process

Civil lawsuits arise out of disputes between businesses, people and other organizations. These types of lawsuits include specific phases: pleadings, discovery, trial and potential appeal. Throughout the litigation process, the case may settle at any time through negotiations or arbitration and never reach the trial phase. The pleading papers explain each party’s side of the dispute, and the defendant must provide an answer to the complaint. These papers define the issue for the court.

Once this phase is completed, the case enters the discovery phase. The discovery phase is the longest one and entails research of law, interrogatories and depositions. During this phase, each party’s attorney assesses the merits of their case and use the information to develop their legal strategy. Expert witnesses are often used and prepared for court testimony to validate the attorneys’ arguments. Before trial, motions may be used for resolution of procedural disputes, exclude evidence from trial or for summary judgment. If the case proceeds to trial, it may be a bench trial or jury trial. Each party introduces documents, exhibits and witnesses to support its arguments. The opposing party also has the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses. After closing arguments, the jury is instructed on how to apply the law to the case. When the outcome is unfavorable, an appeal may be filed. The appellate court reviews the case for legal error and may override the jury’s verdict.

Attorney Philip C. Hearn: A Powerful Litigator

Attorney Philip C. Hearn has a track record of success with general litigation cases. He has won substantial awards on behalf of his clients. If you’re facing a civil or criminal litigation issue, let the experience of attorney Philip C. Hearn work for you. He provides expertise on the legal issues, advises of all the options for resolution and is there to pursue justice for his clients.

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